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Floorplans define buildings that can be built by builders. They are saved in the .minecraft/resources/floorplan/ directory and have the extension '.floorplan'

Builders can scan buildings to create floorplan files, which will be saved in the same location as the floorplans that come with the game. Instructions for this are located on the Builder page.

The builder will not overwrite any pre-existing chests/torches when building.

Floorplan files can be viewed as composed of three parts: version line, header and body.

Comments are statements in the floorplan files that are ignored by the parser. They are preceded by a single quote (') and continue the length of the line.


Version 1

Version line

The first character of the first line is a 'v', followed by the number 1. This is for backwards compatibility. Right now, there are 2 versions. As new versions of the file format are created this number will change.


The second line contains the offset from the position of the build sign to the top-left block of the bottom level. It is in the format x y z.


The rest of the file defines the layout of the building, starting with the first level. After it, you must use the "level" keyword to indicate the beginning of another one. The "level" keyword can be optionally followed by a number to make floorplans easier to read.

Block Codes

These are the available materials for version 1 floorplans. Each block is represented by 2 characters.

  • .. clear this block
  • (two spaces) means leave block alone
  • gr grass
  • ww wood/planks
  • uu uncut wood
  • gg glass
  • cc cobblestone
  • SS sandstone
  • CC smoothstone
  • sa sand
  • oo wool (white)
  • bb brick
  • |1 door facing up
  • |2 door facing right
  • |3 door facing down
  • |4 door facing left
  • ^1 cobblestone stairs, leading up from top
  • ^2 cobblestone stairs, leading up from right
  • ^3 cobblestone stairs, leading up from bottom
  • ^4 cobblestone stairs, leading up from left
  • v1 wood stairs (also v2-v4)
  • _w half height wood
  • _c half height cobblestone
  • _S half height smoothstone
  • fp fence post
  • dd dirt
  • lp glowstone

Sample File

 3 0 0        ' sign is where the spaces are
 ....  ....   ' if we put .. where the spaces were, the builder would
 ..ww|1ww..   ' remove the sign thus cancelling the whole construction
 level 1      ' level means start next layer/level
 ..ww  ww..   ' we have to skip the second level of a door
 ..ww..ww..   ' failure to do so makes the door get destroyed
 level 2

Refer to the files in .minecraft/resources/floorplan/ for additional examples.

Version 2

In version 2, which is available as of MineColony RC17, you can add a comment to any line by first adding an apostrophe ['] and following it with your comment. Anything on that line after the apostrophe is ignored.


  v 2 '  This is the floorplan version

Version line

The first line begins with 'v 2'.


Floorplan type

The second line contains one of the following strings, indicating the type of floorplan.

  • Structure ~This is a regular floorplan.
  • Wall
  • Bridge
  • GWOC (Great Wall of China)

The last three are floorplans that repeat themselves. When you place a sign you will also tell it the length and height of the wall.

 30 2

This sign would build the fence floorplan, 30 blocks long, 2 blocks high.

The wall structure has 3 parts, the base, the middle, and the top. The base is placed on the ground, the top is placed at the height level, and the middle fills in the gap.

For the wall type, the top is always height blocks above the base. For the bridge type, the top stays at the same level no matter what the base does. For the gwoc type, the top attempts to follow the base, but only adjusts its height one block at a time.


The third line contains the offset from the position of the build sign to the top-left block of the bottom level. It is in the format x y z.



Instead of a fixed selection, version 2 floorplans can use almost any kind of block. This feature is accomplished by means of lexicons. A lexicon matches groups of two letters with specific blocks, with optional metadata included.

Example lexicon:

 lexicon           ' the lexicon describes which 2 character symbols mean which block IDs
 ne=glowstone      ' you can use the string if its unique.
 fb=56        	    ' or a block id
 or=cloth,1   	    ' or a block id with metadata
 n1=vines,1,7 	    ' rotation data is the last argument, experiment at own risk, this is for blocks (like torches/vines) that
              	    ' have different metadata depending on which way they face

Lexicons can be embedded in a floorplan, on can be defined in a separate file (in .minecraft/resources/floorplan/) and then included using the '@' keyword, like this:

 @default.lexicon  ' read in a default collection of lexicons from this file

You can open the default.lexicon to get a list of all the 2 character codes and their corresponding blocks.


Version 2 floorplans can begin one level below the Y coordinate if you start with the "base" keyword, instead of "level", like this:

 level 0
 ww  ww
 level 1
 level 2
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